Parasailing Boat XPRO

Xpro Parasailing boat designed for Watersports Recreation.

The number of platforms and capacity is larger because it is more efficient than other parasailing boats. It is a complete sailor with unique design. It has passed all tests with outstanding success. The whole system is the latest model new designs. Our boat is stingy about fuel and has high performance. Xpro is professional parasailing boat for professional watersports operations. Provides a safety to your customers thanks to its wide platform and does not fall under the wash due to the hulls hight. There is no water accumulation inside during rain or cleaning. 

You can put your customers from the nose and scaffold stern part of our boat. You can hide your spare parachutes in your locked compartments with peace of mind.

water jet or tail system with the machine you want to perform turnkey production. We designed this boat for years without problems. XPRO yu teste are waiting for our customers.

With it’s high person capacity & powerfull jet engine it provides a stable and exiliharating ride. The Xpro is a perfect parasailing watercraft for commercial watersports operations.

XPRO Spesifications

4 CFM56-5C4/P
Thrust per engine:
15 400 kg
60.3 m
63.7 m
6.8 m
2 / 10
Maximum speed:
900 km/h